Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom Preview Clip

New preview clips are available for the Forbidden Kingdom.

Here they are:

A drunken Lu Yan (Jackie Chan) arrives to save young Jason from the evil War Lord's soldiers

The White Haired Assassin (Li Binbing) is a tough opponent!

Escape On Horseback
Lu Yan and Jason make their escape on horseback.

Jason (Michael Angarano),
Lu Yan aka the drunken kungfu master (Jackie Chan), Golden Sparrow (Liu Yefei)
and the enigmatic and skillful Silent Monk (Jet Li)

Drunken Master (Jackie Chan) vs Silent Monk (Jet Li): Showdown

Jet Li and Jackie Chan battle it out for the staff as the Silent Monk and the Drunken Immortal in The Forbidden Kingdom.

Cherry blossom fight

Should watch the extended preview of the Forbidden Kingdom too.

Girl fight: Golden Sparrow (Liu Yefei) vs the white haired Assassin (Li Bingbing)

Despite what Jet Li and Jackie Chan may have asserted about the movie, I'm quite sure fans of the two kung fu masters will be enjoy this movie!