Friday, November 16, 2007

Forbidden Kingdom Soundtrack

Here below some soundtracks from the Forbidden Kingdom, to listen, click here or on the playlist below:

Click on the playlist to start the music!

The music was done by composer David Buckley for the Forbidden Kingdom:

David Buckley"In the end, we decided that the overall tone of the score should not be overtly Chinese. Rather, it should be something that would be accessible for western audiences and acceptable to eastern audiences." (David Buckley)

David Buckley was interviewed by Tracksounds .

Update: we received an email from David Buckley concerning the release of the soundtrack of the Forbidden Kingdom, here what he says:

"[...] The Forbidden Kingdom Album will be released close to the July 11 UK release of the film. This will be a digital release, but there is a deal with Amazon that will provide a physical CD (although I do not have all the details on this yet).

There will be 20 tracks on the album with over an hours worth of music.

I am thrilled with the product and am so happy it is now going to be released. [...]"
David Buckley

So July 11 is a date to put in our agenda!


Anonymous said...

So, does this mean there is a soundtrack forthcoming? There were a few themes in there I'd love to add to my collection. I'd even download it from iTunes if that was all that was available.

Teri said...

I agree. The soundtrack is genius! I would be happy to download it from iTunes or buy it otherwise. Wonderful movie with a soundtrack that more than does it justice.

Chris said...

A very VERY good soundtrack. Does anyone know if it will be released?

David Buckley said...


David Buckley here - the composer! Yes is the answer. It is being finalised at the moment, but I can say with 100% certainty there will be a soundtrack out ASAP. If you what to be added to a list that will inform people as to when, please email: or check out my website:



Anonymous said...

I think everyone would like it if these soundtracks were full length and not just what we hear on the theaters. Also we would appreciate just the music in the soundtrak and no dialouges or screaming or w.e, I would like it if you can add the full length to when the white boy was training, that was good upbeat, made me wanna work out

Anonymous said...

Wonderful music. I love the transition with the traditional chinese with the western style. There are some songs that reminds me of music that Hans Zimmer plays (composer of Batman Begins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator). Looking forward to the official soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Yes the scores are a masterpiece, I give you many props and looking forward to its release. Pure genius. Do you have an estimate on the release date???

king said...

gr8 gr8 music..
traditional chinese music in western style..

but i dnt knw frm where i get tht music..??:(

The Forbiden Kingdom said...

David Buckley sent an email saying that the soundtrack of the Forbidden Kingdom should be released around July 11. :)

Anonymous said...

is it worldwide release or just UK/US/Canada? I still cant find it in asia market.