Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom TV Spot

TV spots are going to pop up for The Forbidden Kingdom, upcoming kung fu movie with both Jackie Chan and Jet Li in the cast.

Here the first TV spots of the Forbidden Kingdom:

Big Action
Big Adventure
Big fun

Jet Li & Jackie Chan together for the first time!

The Forbidden Kingdom.

Our two kung fu heroes acknowledge that they're getting old: they are kung fu masters, not students anymore.

Update: The Forbidden has been a real success since its opening a week ago. The production want to thrive further in the wake of this success wave with a new TV clip:

Very Sharp,
Great Humor,
Great Fun,
Jackie Chan and Jet Li at the top of their game!

The Forbidden Kingdom

If you haven't seen it already I can but strongly recommend to go watch the Forbidden Kingdom right away!


Anonymous said...

jackie chan, jet li, colorfully shot backround with crouching tiger flair? 'bout time.